Tenute Guardasole
was born from the passion
for wine and our territory,
Northern Piedmont.

We strive to make small quantities of wine but of the highest quality. We do not wish to cultivate large plots of land with conventional methods. We strongly believe that staying small is the best way to cultivate the vineyards and plants providing the grapes for our cellar. Our cellar is also quite small, yet modern, tidy and painstakingly clean. We carry out our work according to the organic method.


It is the choice we made to respect our land, our customers, ourselves and our family. The wine we sell is the same wine we drink.  That is why we do not use pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers that may put the environment and our health at risk.  Tenute Guardasole is a Bioagricert certified ORGANIC FARM with operator code no. H42I.