Nebbiolo and Vespolina.

These two vines represent the foundation of our small production, as we strive to get the best out of the grapes every single year. We have planted various clones for each vine so as to combine them at every harvest and create an optimal flavor outline. We don’t adulterate our wines and employ a very low quantity of sulphites. We get the best out of our wines through proper contact with wood and its permanence in barrels. We decant following the moon phases, trying not to work in the cellar on windy and rainy days. We believe hygiene and cleanness are key and help create flavored and genuine wines.

Registered Designation of Origin

Production Area: Traversagna – Road to Boca.

Altitude: 460-490m a.s.l.

Exposure: South.

Vines: 80% Nebbiolo, 20% Vespolina.

Yield for hectare: max. 80 quintals, manual selection of the best grapes

Growing form: simple guyot pruned with Simonit & Sirch’s method.

Soil: Boca owes its peculiarities from voulcanic rock soil and its porphyry pebbles painted in red, pink and orange

Climate: Northern air currents from Mount Rosa generate powerful diurnal temperature ranges. Mount Fenera creates a natural barrier providing for mild winters, temperate climates, warm and sunny summers and falls all resulting in an ideal grape ripening.

Vintage: first decade of October. Placed by hand in 15 kg crates to protect the grapes.

Vinification: fermentation in stainless-steel tanks and 25-day maceration. Aging: 34 months of which at least 18 in durmast barrels.

Organoleptic characteristics: ruby red with garnet hints, refined, airy, and elegant taste, savory, dry, harmonious and charmingly tannic.

Alcohol: 13,5% - 14,5%

Red Wine

Produced exclusively with grapes of our vines, this red wine simply qualifies the uniqueness of its lands of origin.

Fermentation in stainless-steel tanks, followed by maceration of about ten days before an 12-month refinement.

Its exquisite scent combined to the harmonious and elegant taste bring to mind the lands where the vines are grown.

From the glass, one can perceive the hints of the porphyry and stony structure of the land where the roots grasp.

Its resounding name, ruby color and the delightful tannic sensation confer an ambitious and solid personality to PIO DECIMO, just like the Cardinal who became the Pope.

Red Wine

This red wine pays honor to its maker, a man with no pair in selecting the right harvest based on the ripening of the various vines.

Its fermentation in stainless-steel tanks and the medium-term refinement make this a vintage wine strongly bonded to tradition.

The result is a ruby-red wine featuring a round and flavored scent, harmonious and delightfully peppered. Virgilio knew the secret of making refined wine without aging.